Every year I create a calendar for my family and friends. I choose one theme and I make 12 drawings and a cover. Theme : Santa Claus August 2015 : holidays at the beach November 2015 : Rush before December October 2015 : Ready to get back to work ? January 2015 : Let’s party … Lire la suite Christmas

Le Petit Pâté Illustré

Le Petit Pâté Illustré, online free magazine, a bi-monthly publication, that aims to provide short and original illustrated novels. Every magazine is available here : ISSUU. Illustrations for the novel Feux d’artifice written by Olivier Pivot, Le Petit Pâté Illustré #1, December 2012. Colored inks. Illustrations for the novel « Galatea », written by Oscar E. Arcane. Le … Lire la suite Le Petit Pâté Illustré


Illustration based on the 2015 Oscar ceremony. Cate Blanchett – Emma Stone – Lupita Nyong’o – Rita Ora Digital media : wacom board. Photoshop.