Series of jewelry, made for fun at first, then expanded. It was interesting to make very small objects, even if the technique doesn’t change, I had to adapt to this size of creation. Necklace « Peacock » Sycamore (natural and inked), pear tree, walnut and brass. Earings « Flower » Lemon tree, paddock and brass. Earings « Feathers » Walnut, brass. … Lire la suite Jewelry


Marquetry made during the European Days of Crafts, for the exhibition of Boulle School, in Le-Puy-En-Velay, France.

Peinture en bois

« Peinture en bois » is a marquetry technique which is close to the Boulle technique : we saw every veneer at the same time. With this technique, unlike the Boulle technique, we can use many different veneers as we want. We have to place pieces of veneer together on a few layers. Because of that, the preparation … Lire la suite Peinture en bois


During my time at Boulle I spent three weeks in the restoration workshop. I had to restore a table from the beginning of the 20th century. The marquetry was very damaged. I discovered the work and the ethic of a furniture restorer. The marquetry represented flowers and leaves but in some places, the damages were … Lire la suite Restoration


This is the first marquetry I had to make when I arrived at Boulle School. I was given a pattern and I had to choose the veneer I wanted to use. I made 2 versions of the flower : one with an amaranth background and one with a tulip tree. I wanted the 2 versions … Lire la suite Flower

Lucullus : Boulle diploma

Lucullus is a set of plates created to help people to cook. It is especially designed for small kitchens, when you do not have enough space to cook properly. How do you put away the onion you have just sliced ? Lucullus is there for that. You can put the plates into their wall board … Lire la suite Lucullus : Boulle diploma